Executive officers attend monthly CUPE 417 meetings and are available to help shop stewards. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact any executive officer or come to a meeting!

Position Name Contact Number
President Barry Brookes 403-318-7565
Vice-President Tim Heslop 403-896-6956
Secretary – Treasurer Taralyn Scott 403-314-0423
Recording Secretary Janet Brown 403-506-5314
Membership Officer Darlene Kind 403-597-5852
Chief Shop Steward Lise Bettac 403-352-8301
Executive at Large Ben Klassen 403-872-5864
Executive at Large Lonnie Amundson 403-392-2312
Executive at Large Darleen Tracy 403-304-6339
Executive at Large (YW) Braedon Oele 403-848-0048



Position Name Contact Number
3 Year Trustee Scott MacLeod
2 Year Trustee  Deb Isbister
1 Year Trustee Mirya Merlin Ibarra


National Representative

Lisa Mason
PHONE: 403-343-3353
FAX 430-347-8675