Shop stewards are representatives from different departments and areas.

All shop stewards take part in training provided by CUPE on the roles and responsibilities of being a shop steward. If you are interested in becoming a shop steward, becoming more involved with your union or want to find out more about training please contact us or come to a meeting!

Location Name Phone Number
Archives This Could Be You!! 403-318-7565
City Hall – Floor 1 & 2 Darlene Kind 403-597-5852
City Hall – Floor 3 & 4 Paul Holmes 403-304-2152
Culture Services This could be you!! 403-318-7565
Collicutt Centre Darleen Tracy 403-304-6339
Collicutt Centre Taralyn Scott 403-314-0423
Emergency Services Shannon Lucas 403-318-8440
Environmental Services Ryan Engler 403-505-7928
Environmental Services Const & Maint Ryan Engler 403-505-7928
Garage Ben Klassen 403-872-5864
GH Dawe Darlene Kind 403-597-5852
GH Dawe Janet Brown 403-506-5314
Licensing and Inspections Paul Holmes 403-304-2152
Parks Facilities This could be you!! 403-318-7565
Parks Maintenance Tim Heslop 403-896-6956
Professional Building Taralyn Scott 403-314-0423
RCMP – North Darlene Kind 403-597-5852
RCMP – South Darlene Kind 403-597-5852
Recreation Facilities Taralyn Scott 403-314-0423
Roads Lonnie Amundson 403-392-2312
Stores / Material Management This Could Be You!! 403-318-7565
Solid Waste This could be you!! 403-318-7565
Wastewater Treatment Plant Lise Bettac 403-352-8301
Wastewater Treatment Plant Gordon Roberts 403-596-5002
Water Treatment Plant Janet Brown 403-342-1603