About us


Executive officers attend monthly CUPE 417 meetings and are available to help shop stewards. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact any executive officer or come to a meeting!

Position Name Contact Number
President Barry Brookes 403-318-7565
Vice-President Tim Heslop 403-896-6956
Secretary – Treasurer Taralyn Scott 403-314-0423
Recording Secretary Janet Brown 403-506-5314
Membership Officer Darlene Kind 403-597-5852
Chief Shop Steward Lise Bettac 403-352-8301
Executive at Large Ben Klassen 403-872-5864
Executive at Large Lonnie Amundson 403-392-2312
Executive at Large Darleen Tracy 403-304-6339
Executive at Large (YW) Braedon Oele 403-848-0048



Position Name Contact Number
3 Year Trustee Scott MacLeod
2 Year Trustee  Deb Isbister
1 Year Trustee Mirya Merlin Ibarra


National Representative

Lisa Mason
PHONE: 403-343-3353
FAX 430-347-8675


Shop stewards are representatives from different departments and areas. If your designated shop steward is unavailable then feel free to contact any of the below listed shop stewards.

All shop stewards take part in training provided by CUPE on the roles and responsibilities of being a shop steward. If you are interested in becoming a shop steward, becoming more involved with your union or want to find out more about training please contact us or come to a meeting!

Location Name Phone Number
Archives Maggie Wyntjes 403-896-6555
City Hall – Floor 1 & 2 Darlene Kind 403-597-5852
City Hall – Floor 3 & 4 Paul Holmes 403-304-2152
Culture Services This could be you!! 403-318-7565
Collicutt Centre Darleen Tracy 403-304-6339
Collicutt Centre Taralyn Scott 403-314-0423
Emergency Services Shannon Lucas 403-318-8440
Environmental Services Lise Bettac/Ben Klassen 403-352-8301/403-872-5864
Environmental Services Const & Maint  Lonnie Amundson 403-392-2312
Garage Ben Klassen/Lise Bettac 403-872-5864/403-352-8301
GH Dawe Darlene Kind 403-597-5852
GH Dawe Janet Brown 403-506-5314
Licensing and Inspections Paul Holmes 403-304-2152
Parks Facilities Adriana Tietzsch 403-352-5178
Parks Maintenance Tim Heslop 403-896-6956
Professional Building Taralyn Scott 403-314-0423
RCMP – North Darlene Kind 403-597-5852
RCMP – South Darlene Kind 403-597-5852
Recreation Facilities Taralyn Scott 403-314-0423
Roads Lonnie Amundson 403-392-2312
Stores / Material Management This Could Be You!! 403-318-7565
Solid Waste This could be you!! 403-318-7565
Wastewater Treatment Plant Lise Bettac 403-352-8301
Wastewater Treatment Plant Gordon Roberts 403-596-5002
Water Treatment Plant Janet Brown 403-342-1603


cupe-favicon Your Local 417 has several Committees. If you are interested in joining one of the following Committees, please contact Barry Brookes @ 403 318-7565 or cupe417@telusplanet.net

Public Relations Committee: We are always looking for people who have experience with communications and marketing – social media, printed material &/or website maintenance.

Current Members: Taralyn Scott, Deb Isbister, and Janet Brown

Negotiating Committee: This Committee is responsible for ensuring that all CUPE 417’s members receive the best standards for health & safety, job security, benefits and remuneration.

Current Members: Barry Brookes, Tim Heslop, Taralyn Scott, Janet Brown and Lise Bettac

Entertainment Committee: As it sounds, we are responsible for organizing events for it’s members and their families to allow them to mingle in a social setting and network among themselves with the goal of creating a stronger Local.

Current Members – Taralyn Scott, Janet Brown, Georgia Major, Darleen Tracy, Adrianna Tietzsch and Darlene Kind

Job Evaluation: These committee members meet every three weeks at HR with 2 members of the mangement team to evaluate new and updated positions within the bargaining unit.

Current members – Taralyn Scott, Jordan Weinkauf with Lise Bettac and Lonnie Asmundson as alternate