Bargaining Update – Council Ratifies Collective Agreement!

Congratulations!! City Council also ratified our new agreement on Tuesday Nov. 13, 2018.

New Collective Agreements will be dispersed to all departments once the updated agreement is officially signed off and we can get it back from the printers. In the meantime here are some of he highlights:

  • 1% wage increase in 2018, 1% wage increase in 2019, 2% wage increase in 2020 – NOTE: if you left the City’s employment or retired in 2018 and wish to receive the wage increase for the time you worked in 2018, you must contact Payroll and request it directly from them.
  • Health Spending and Lifestyle spending increases to $750/yr for full-time members and pro-rated for part-time members
  • Paramedical practitioners increase to $1500 for any one or combination of practitioners as well as a per visit increase from $35 to $50
  • Addition of Athletic Therapists to list of practitioners
  • removed medical note requirement for Massage Therapy
  • Updated language regarding discrimination
  • Bereavement leave for non-consecutive days within 20 day period now up from 10 day period
  • Improved language for Family Illness Leave
  • Addition of leave to attend specialist appointments for immediate family members
  • Change of work assignments increased to $1.00/hr from 50 cents (HLRP)
  • Clearer Standby and On Call language and an increase to On Call to $40/day or $280/week
  • Boot allowance increase of $25.00 for both permanent and non-permanent employees
  • Coffee breaks are now 15 minutes in length
  • Letter of Understanding for the Union to have a Full-time President as well as for the Treasurer and Recording Secretary to have one day per month off to attend to Union business.

This is not a comprehensive list of all the changes that were agreed to but reflects some of the main points.

If you have any questions about the changes, please contact your shop steward or any of the Executive.